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    Dezember 18, 2018   Di | 20:00

    concert & films

    Irish Scottish Wiehnacht | Kesselhaus


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    Dezember 22, 2018   Sa | 20:00

    concert & films


    Naturfreunde e.V. Leichlingen, Am Block 4, Haus 2 | Leichlingen (NRW)



Oktober 08, 2018

Rostock's jubilee year (800)

Andreas Buhse, Jobs Mehlan and our very own Robert Kirschneck created a fantastic climax in Rostock's jubilee year(800).
Over 2500 people took the path to the old Kurhaus garden. It was a privilege for us to be a part of the "Rostock Suite" where we met the guys of "Five Men on the Rocks" again, which always gives us great pleasure, just like working with Gunnar Schröder (third Choice). Gunnar and his boys are among Rostock's figureheads, and they started the night with great songs. We were a colorful bunch ...

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the sail concerts

August 30, 2018

800 years old

Juli 18, 2018

Bad Penny Office

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